Serious Listening: Outkast’s, “Hey Ya!” is a Break-Up Song

Yes. It’s a break-up song. Hello! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Especially since the video and song makes you want to dance. Proof that it is a break up song:

Thank god for mom and dad

For sticking two together

‘Cause we don’t know how…

We get together

Ohh, we get together

But seperate’s always better when there’s feelings involved

If what they say is “Nothing is forever”

what makes, what makes, what makes

what makes, what makes LOOVVEEE?

(Love exception) So why you, why you

Why you, why you, why you are we so in denial

When we know we’re not happy heeeerrreeee…


I make the same mistake myself EVERY TIME I HEAR THIS SONG. I always have to remind myself that this is a break-up song. 

Which makes me wonder, is anyone seriously listening to any of the lyrics in today’s music? 


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