Valentine’s Day Gift and Steve Madden Boots

(I’m slowly moving to wordpress as sheisgeeky.)

That is disgusting. Wearing a pair of Steve Madden boots from Nordstrom’s shouldn’t do that to your socks. As you can tell, my boots are better at sucking up water than they are at being a fashionable piece of protective footwear. By the time I got to school today, my socks were soaking, and my feet smelled so sweaty (Fact: I probably lost 10 friends that day).

Not only do my feet get absolutely soaked when I wear these boots in rainy weather, but they get temporarily “stained” from the rain. After it dries, it gets stained from the water, and you can see water marks form on the boot (right picture).

AND, to top it all off, the back of the boot is totally destroyed. But, this is probably due to the fact that I drag my feet like an ogre (no, really. I do. And if you find that attractive, you should see my catwalk).

So, now I really want a new pair of boots. I asked my friends for some suggestions on what kind of boots I should buy. I got, “Timberlands”, “Lugz” and “Hunter boots” as a response. Maybe I should have included the fact that I am not a male in my question to my friends.

In other news, I got this for Valentine’s day:

 DROOL. I lava Felicia Day. Her character has helped me to accept my inner geek. Her comic reminds me of my awkward high school days (and even college days) where I was constantly trying to be comfortable with who I am, and somehow make that fit into some socially acceptable person. I read the whole comic in about 45 minutes, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Oh, and I also go this for Valentine’s day:  

 No. Literally. That’s what I got for Valentine’s day. My boyfriend actually showed me a picture of roses on his smartphone when I got into the car right before he took me out to Little Caesars for Valentine’s Day dinner. “Surprise! Happy Valentine’s day! Sorry. I couldn’t make it to the store in time to get any. Smell them!”.

Ha! I’m kidding. We didn’t go to Little Caesars!

But he really did give me virtual flowers. But, I actually laughed really hard the whole car ride and thought it was pretty cute that he actually googled “roses” in his smartphone right before I got into the car.

Alrighty, then. I think I’m going to go scare people off with my rancid-smelling feet, and smell my virtual roses.


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