Awesome Applications: After the Deadline

After the Deadline > Microsoft Word’s grammar checking tool.

It has taken me a long time (years) to find a grammar checking tool as advanced and as accurate as After the Deadline. As you all probably know, my grammar isn’t the goodest.

As a side story, I’ve put off the launch of my blog (launched in ’09) in grave fear that I would not be able to recover if my blog writing were to be attacked by a Grammar Nazi. Because it’s such a great tool, After the Deadline has helped me cope with that fear, for the most part.

One really helpful thing about After the Deadline is that it really helps me to recognize and fix the passive voice within my writing as it gives explanations whenever it finds a grammar error.

Here is a quick demo (please note that it is not limited to checking grammar on wordpress.):  

The downside: It doesn’t work in Microsoft Word. But it does work on Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and pretty much all popular websites where you can write text. (I guess the only way you can get your grammar checked in Microsoft Word is by copying the text from your word document and pasting it into a website text box.)

And, like all grammar tools, it is never 100% accurate at all times. But overall, it has helped me to improve my grammar! Which I think makes it a great grammar tool. Thanks, After the Deadline. You helps me writes gooder. =)

After the Deadline is FREE. And you can download it here.