Jane Park: SPF Everyday

Jane Park, CEO of Julep Nail Parlor, and beauty expert, blogged about her regret about the health of her skin:

“So I am slathering on SPF – more seriously on days I am outside most of the day (55 on days I’m out in the snow in Sun Peaks) and just built-in SPF everyday (15 to 30 everyday even though I live in Seattle). If there’s one thing I wish I had done earlier in my life it’s using SPF. Yes, I didn’t wash my face religiously in my 20s, but that doen’t have a lasting impact. Failure to use sunscreen does.”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s never sunny here!”,”What about winter! The sun’s never out.”, and “I’m never on a beach. Why would I wear sunscreen all the time?!”

It must mean something if a beauty expert like Jane Park tells us it’s something she wished she had done.

I’ve used Neutrogena’s “Ultra Sheen” for a while, and I really like it so far. Yes, it still kind of feels and smells like sun block, but it’s a lot lighter than other “sunblock lotions” that I’ve tried.

I don’t remember how much it cost to pick one up, but I see on various sites that the 3 oz. bottle is under $10. Pick one up today and protect yourself from the sun.


5 Minute Fixes: Paper Clip Holder as a Bobby Pin Holder

Well, I pretty much said it in my blog title.

Putting all your bobby pins in a paper clip holder with a magnetized top is an amazingly easy, cheap and helpful fix to help you keep all your bobby pins in one place. I know before I started using a paper clip holder, I would lose an average of 34,453,345,523 bobby pins a week (I know, because I counted all the bobby pins I threw at the number of creeps on the Ave. It was/still is a very expensive hobby).

The magnetized top is what really makes a difference. I often throw in bobby pins, and it gets stuck to the magnet, which makes it easy to grab the next time you need a bobby pin. This is a great fix for a lazy person, like ME!