To Women Who Wear Black Leggins as Pants

image from You’re Not Special Because¬† (and she wrote a blog entry on black leggings as well. A lot more descriptive than I could ever be at describing the look.)

First of all, I am NOT talking about girls who wear black tights and have a shirt that is long enough to cover their rear ends and their frontal region. That seems okay with me (notice the lack of hearty agreement).

I am talking to the girl who wears black tights in REPLACEMENT of pants: I have very disturbing news for you.

Jabornix_5 explains:

If you want to see more on this creepy reddit conversation, click on the "explains" link.

Now you know the creepers come out to play when you wear black leggings as pants. Hope that was some food for thought for all of you women that do this.

I have also witnessed a girl wearing black-leggings-as-pants trip. And what do you know, I got to see all of her back-end through the thin fabric. It was not sexy.

If you don’t believe that guys think of girls who wear leggings as pants in this way, please google “girls in yoga pants”. I will not link it here since I don’t want to give the site more traffic via my site (it is almost soft porn. Ew).

Black Leggings = Trendy, but Not Equal to Good Fashion

I understand that what is trendy in fashion changes a lot, but I don’t think this “black leggings as pants” thing is cute at all. I know that most women wear them because they’re easy to put on, slimming, comfortable and it can easily match with almost any top you have on. But I do know that when something is trendy, it becomes thoughtless. “Thoughtless” because everyone does it just to fit in with the trend. No, I am not a someone who dresses really well, or someone who knows fashion very well, but “thoughtless” isn’t exactly what I think of when I think of good fashion.

What do you think?