Blog Header

I totally forgot to introduce my new blog header! It’s Roy Lichtenstein’s “girl with hair ribbon”. Although the title has the originality of a newly named method in accounting (+5 accounting nerd points), I think this was a perfect picture for my blog. There’s nothing more geeky than comic books, and Lichtenstein’s pop art paintings set the standard for comic book art.

Here are some of the other Lichtenstein paintings that thought would work as a blog header:


This picture is also known by the title "Wahh wahh wahh!!!"

As much as I like the art, I really didn’t the gloomy atmosphere it creates. “It’s hopeless!” she thinks, as her tears began to fall from her eyes. Sorry, Hopeless, you are out of luck.  You are too gloomy.  “Gloomy” is not the kind of atmosphere I want to evoke to my readers. I was thinking more along the lines of “Insane Clown Posse”, black nail polish, and black eyeliner. (Lots of black eyeliner.)

“Modern Room”

Mao, Mao, Mao. You can never get enough of him.

Lichtenstein’s Room series is my favorite art series. What I love the about the paintings is the simplicity of the objects and colors, and the use of patterns as a texture. Plus, it makes me want a creepy picture of Mao in my room.

“In the Car”

"I don’t give a crap if you run anyone over. Just get me there, because I freakin’ deserve it."

I’m trying to figure out other sophisticated reasons I could give to you, dear reader, on why I picked this painting other than the actual reason I picked it: it reminds me of the scandalous Mrs. Robinson, a character in my favorite movie, The Graduate.  The leopard skin coat and the way she holds herself screams, “I don’t give a crap if you run anyone over. Just get me there, because I freakin’ deserve it.” And that’s the only reason I like this picture. The end. You can leave now.