Emerald City Comicon 2011

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A slideshow of my very first Emerald City Comicon!

I bought a 3-day pass to Comicon for my boyfriend, Nomar, as an early birthday present. When I bought the tickets, I had no idea what to expect, and actually thought that I wouldn’t have a good time. However, I had a BLAST and am still having ECCC withdrawals. Come back…! Come back…! I miss you ECCC.

The highlight was definitely meeting Felicia Day and Amy Okuda on Saturday. It was my first meet and greet, and I was nervous because I had no idea what to say to them.

By the time I got in front of the line, I got so nervous and excited that I totally neglected my boyfriend (Sorry, Nomes!).

What was so great about the meet and greet is that both Amy Okuda and Felicia Day actually wanted to converse with us, which I did not expect. I don’t remember what I said to them, but I do remember Nomar standing in the back awkwardly (since he didn’t pay for the meet and greet) when Felicia Day asked me,

“Uh. Who’s that?”

I responded, “Oh! That’s my boyfriend.”

She said, “Oh, hello boyfriend!” and shook his hand.

Then I also remember her asking us how we met, and we awkwardly responded “eHarmony” at the same time as a total joke, but Amy Okuda and Ms. Day nodded their heads with a smile on their face that really looked like, “Oh that’s…interesting” (which is a look we are used to and receive all the time). After seeing this look on their faces, we quickly tried to deny that we met through eHarmony, and at this point we looked so nervous and awkward that I think that they believed that we actually met through an internet dating site, but were too embarrassed to admit.

At this point, I thought we had to leave the table, when Felicia said,”Oh you know, I actually have a few friends that have met through online dating sites.” I’m not sure if she said it out of pity and totally made it up just to make us feel better.

Overall, they both were very sweet and were absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed being in their presence for the awkward 3 minutes (on our part) that we were there.

Overall, the total experience was amazing. I had an absolute blast, and am totally kicking myself for not going earlier.