James Blake: Limit to Your Love

(No, we are not talking about the tennis player, James Blake. )

I’ve been listening to James Blake’s new self-titled CD via Rhapsody (which you will hear a ton more about later), and have found his album to be something you shouldn’t miss.

His use of auto-tune within his album is used in an artful way and not in a way to substitute for his lack of singing ability (T-Pain*). He also knows how to use pauses in a unique way that most artists don’t use them; The way Blake uses pauses creates a very haunting effect when mashed with the minimal amount of music he has within his songs.

What is interesting about Blake’s music is that it sits between the boundary of noise and music. He has a great understanding of how much noise to include, and how much music to not include which results in a very minimalistic (yet artistic) overall sound. His song, “Limit to Your Love” is a great example of this.

Buy his CD for only $7.99 on Amazon.

*What irritates me the most about T-pain’s use of auto-tune is that ANYONE could have T-Pain’s voice. Thus, the T-Pain auto-tune app.