Vark = my new Google

I recently stumbled upon a site that has changed my way of searching the web: is a site where you can ask a question, and someone else will answer it (hopefully).

Sounds simple enough, and no, it isn’t really unique, but because there are a lot of people who use, there are a lot of people who can potentially answer your question. Also, the user interface is really simple and user-friendly compared to a lot of other sites that are of the “you-ask-someone-answers” type. I use Vark whenever I have a really specific question that I know will take forever to figure out if I search google or bing, I ask it on

My first question was:

“I’m new to Aardvark, and this is my first question: How do you like aardvark so far, and do you think you’ll use it more than or”
The answer I received from a woman named Laila basically sums up why I like Vark so much and some of the downsides of using Vark:

The downside:

  • As mentioned above, sometimes, you are not able to get prompt answers. As you saw above, it took 5 minutes to get the first answer, and an hour before the second answer came in.
  • If you don’t like that google is acquiring way too many companies, then you won’t like that Google has acquired
  • Also, sometimes you get answers like this:

I think John P. is a blah blah blah blah.

Thanks for answering my question when you didn't have an answer.

"Hahaha" is probably not a good way to start when you're answering someone's question.

Thanks, Goo. That was SO rude.